Gymnastics (Boys)

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The philosophy behind our Boy's Gymnastics program is to encourage children to develop confidence, become aware of capabilities, and strive to their potential. Our mission is to build happy, healthy, confident children while creating avenues of success through movement and gymnastics.


Beginner Boys | Ages 5 & Up | Class Duration: 45 minutes
This is the first level of the progressive boys program. At this level we begin teaching basics: body positions, rolls, cartwheels; approach to the vaulting techniques, basic walks, jumps and balance positions, support positions and pull-over on the uneven bars and basic jumps on the trampoline. Strength and flexibility are also incorporated. All skills are presented in a fun positive atmosphere. Prerequisite: None

Intermediate Boys | Ages 8 & Up | Class Duration: 45 minutes
Once the gymnast has mastered the advanced beginner skills and terminology of the sport they are ready to be introduced to a more challenging curriculum. The skills will require more flexibility and strength. Prerequisite: Mastery of Beginner skills or evaluation by NWK staff member.


Monthly Tuition Rate:  $69/month

Discount Available: 10% discount for enrollment in multi-programs/classes & siblings*

NWKsports Annual Family Enrollment Fee: $50/family*

*restrictions apply, see full policies for details


If you still have questions, email us at or give us a call at 361-241-0952. 

Click Here to View Gymnastics Class Schedule & Availability

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