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We want to motivate and inspire children of all ages to develop the strength both physically and mental, to confront challenges and fears and conquer them in an environment where the obstacles are always changing and the fun never stops. Our Ninja Warrior classes bring together strength, balance, speed, and basic parkour training to teach students how to analyze and negotiate various obstacles. The courses and obstacles the students work on are continually changed as the students develop in strength and agility. The class is always challenging and the fun never stops.

We use a training curriculum put together by Drew Drechsel. Drew competed on the TV show American Ninja Warrior and is one of only two people to ever win the show. We are very happy to have access to his curriculum. Our classes are one hour long. We begin with a quick warm-up and stretch and then move into our obstacle training. Each class students will work up to four different obstacles or stations as well as strength and core development.

Students can wear shorts and T-shirt and tennis shoes. Girls may wear a leotard. The tennis shoes must be lace up sneakers that fit tight to the foot.


Monthly Tuition Rate: 45 Minute Class - $69/month*
Discount Available: 10% discount for enrollment in multi-programs/classes and siblings*
NWKsports Annual Family Enrollment Fee: $50/family*

*restrictions apply, see full policies for details.


If you still have questions, email us at or give us a call at 361-241-0952. 

Click Here to View Ninja Warrior Class Schedule & Availability

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